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Refereed by David Vine (later by Stuart Hall) | Introduced by John Witty
Questions set by James Lloyd | Directed by Peter Massey | Produced by Bill Wright

A quiz programme screened on BBC1 in it's evening schedule featured a team of four representing a football team from either the English or Scottish League and were allowed a guest supporter.
There were four routes to goal: 4 easy questions, 3 medium questions, 2 difficult questions and 1 hard question.
After winning the opening kick off question the player chose a route to goal and answered the questions. The oppossing team had one chance to tackle the player going to goal by pressing a buzzer prior to the player answering their last question. If they got it right they won possession but if it was wrong the challenge was unsuccessful and a goal was scored.
The route 1 question was not subject to tackle.

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