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Scrabble matches:
Once a week/once a month/twice a month - any weekday evening or afternoon by special arrangement.
One match: four players, 3 games, round robin format, 7.30pm to 10.45pm.
Six month seasons: Winners' Cup, Improvers' Cup plus Scrolls for highest word scores/game scores.

Last update: November 2022 | Summer Cup final table/report... | On-line tables updated...

Currently fixtures are only being arranged by the League for members who are fully vaxxed*.

However, self-arranged fixtures can be organised to include invitees who are not fully vaxxed*,
if all the players agree.

All members are reminded to follow League Covid protocols when attending fixtures.
To view these protocols click here

* Please note: although VAX is an allowable word, the words VAXXED* and UNVAXXED* are not yet allowable words in the current word list.

All fixture results should entered onto for registering on the League table with regular prizes awarded at the end of the season.

We do need more members to restart playing. At the moment with only 70 members resgistered for fixtures not everyone will have the usual variety of fixtures and one or two may not have any.

If members have not returned to playing fixtures but want to have fixtures arranged for you please log into the app and register your options.

LSL Sit-and-Go tournaments are still available on for you to play against other members of the London Scrabble League on Scrabble GO - the new Scrabble app.

If you would like to participate in the LSL ONLINE League, please contact Gerry Saunders via email for more information and step-by-step instructions.

   Sunday Drives are currently suspended.      

Our mailing list for London Scrabble League related matters. Click here for more information.

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