How to join our club

A membership application form is available online by clicking here

All enquiries should be directed to our Membership Secretary:

Gerry Saunders

Mauro Pratesi

Enquirers should mention how and where they heard about us,
(i.e. publicity/library/friend/other Scrabble club/ABSP or this website)
and include a full postal address and email address for correspondence.

Scrabble fixtures are organised for weekday evenings any weekday evening, or any afternoon by special arrangement,
at hosts around Greater London.
Play just once or twice a month or every week, as you prefer.
Fixtures consist of 4 players, playing 3 games each, in a round robin format, with points awarded to 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th.
Fixtures start at 7:30 p.m. aiming to finish by 11:15 p.m. at the latest.
The six month season starts on the first Mondays of April/October of the calendar year.
At the end of a six month season money prizes, cups and scrolls are awarded to those at the top of the league,
to Most Improved Players, highest word scores and for personal game bests.


Our club welcomes experienced players of all standards.

  1. Our main activity is the League competition, running from April to September and from October to March each year.
    A monthly League Table shows each player's position; trophies and small prizes are awarded every season.

  2. Matches are played in groups of four. Each person plays the other three in turn; points are given for wins/aggregate scores/high scores.

  3. As far as we can, we arrange fixtures to fit the pattern of frequency (etc.) which each member selects.
    They take place on weekday evenings from 7.30pm to about 10.45pm. (11.15 at the very latest).

  4. You can either host all your fixtures or play them 'away' or both, in any proportion that suits you.
    However, we urge you NOT to host in your FIRST season unless you have to because of, say, disability.

  5. Apart from such 'formal' fixtures, members can arrange between themselves their own matches on any day of the week and at any time.
    (Valid for the League table).

  6. The current fee of £22.00 (or £10.00 for only emailed material) applies to two seasons (April-September/October-March) or to any part of it.

  7. Sunday Drives.
    Sunday Drives were suspended from 1st March 2020 to 9th July 2023 because of the Covid epidemic. Pleased to say these have now resumed. Sandie Simonis and Gerry Saunders are currently co-sharing Drive Organiser duties but further assistance on a regular basis for running them is required. The venue is the Swiss Cottage Community Centre in North West London.
    As spaces are limited you are advised to email: if you want to attend one.
    There is a separate entry for Sunday Drives which gives details of the venue used, how to get there, what to bring and starting times.

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