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The London Scrabble League was formed in November 1971 by Mike Goldman and Reg Lever.
Gyles Brandreth had brought together 100 players to play in the first ever National Scrabble Championship in June of 1971 and with help from Leonard Hodge, who worked for J W Spears and co-organised this event, Mike and Reg sought permission to write to the participants and invite them to form the "Greater London Scrabble League". See also History

The first season was comprised of 32 members split into two groups:
Achilles; Miss S Benjamin, Mr Skinner, Mr I Gordon, Miss K Menon, Mr M R Goldman, Mr R H Ganley, Mrs A Phillips, Rev T Dalton, Miss M Dalton, Mrs E Spiro, Mr N Kay, Mrs M Forrester, Miss S B Peters, Mrs S Hyams, Mrs S F Hockey, Mr D Quilter.
Boadicea; Mrs A P Woolf, Mr and Mrs Lane, Miss R Birch, Mrs R G Newmark, Mrs S Elias, Mr R W Lever, Mrs E Kay, Mrs R Lever, Mr H C Kay, Mr L Phillips, Miss J Jones, Dr K Dalton, Miss K George, Mrs R Grainger, Mrs G Stokes.

For the September-December 1972 season there were 31 and were grouped:
Achilles; Miss S Benjamin, Miss C Bursill, Miss D Clayton, Mr P Dean, Mrs S Elias, Mr R Ganley, Mrs R Grainger, Miss C Jakes, Mr N Kay, Mrs E Kay, Mrs R Lever, Mr R Lever, Miss K Menon, Mrs R G Newmark, Mrs S Peters and Mr Skinner.
Boadicea; Mr R D Bowman, Mr R Crolla, Dr K Dalton, Miss Dalton, Mrs Downie, Mr M Goldman, Mrs S F Hockey, Mrs S Hyams, Miss J Jones, Mr H C Kay, Mrs Lane, Mr C F J Magnus, Mrs P MacBean, Mr W Plinge and Mrs S Spiro.

At this stage the earliest list of permitted two letter words were listed with the address list for the Sept-Dec 1972 fixtures:
ad, ae, at, as, am, an, at, ax, ay, be, bo, by, da, do, ea, eh, el, em, en, er, ex, fa, fy, go, gu, ha, he, hi, ho, id, if, in, io, is, it, jo, ka, la, li, lo, ma, me, mi, mo, my, na, no, ob, od, oe, of, oh, on ,oo, or, os, ow, ox, oy, pa, pi, po, re, si, sh, so, ta, te, ti, to, un, up, us, ut, we, wo, ye, yo, yu, zo. (pencilled additions/omissions were: ai, (for the first 'at') ee, ky, and ur).

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the London Scrabble League each current member was given a pin badge.
Click on picture for a bigger image.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the London Scrabble League each current member was given a pin badge.
Click on picture for a bigger image.

The 10 game rule was introduced from April 1980

Winners in the tables below marked with an asterisk [*] had members that finished higher than them, but had failed to play their required quota of 10 games.

Seasons ending with 'D'­ The League was split in 5/6 divisions with promotion and relegation..

Season April-September 1991 (marked with an Ã) was based on average spread and not on average score.

Seasons April-September 2020 and October 2020-March 2021 were suspended due to a Coronavirus epidemic.

Highest score was used prior to 1986, changing to average score from 1986.

The six month season starts on the first Mondays of April and October of the calendar year.

The perpetual trophies for the winter and summer seasons (The Reg Lever Cup and John Meikle Cup) inaugurated in the October 1981-March 1982 and April -September 1982 seasons and The Billie Gray Memorial Trophy which was inaugurated in the April-September 1989 season (for Most Improved Player), eventually had to be withdrawn as it became increasingly difficult to track down who held the original trophies. New cups honouring their memory will be awarded each season.

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The Winter Trophy

Formerly The Reg Lever Cup
winter seasons
oct 78-mar 79 Philip Nelkon2571015.70
oct 79-mar 80Brian Sugar1254514.60
oct 80-mar 81Philip Nelkon1463415.60
oct 81-mar 82Brian Sugar12n/a14.68
oct 82-mar 83not availablen/an/an/a
oct 83-mar 84Allan Simmons20n/a 14.80
oct 84-mar 85Mike Goldman27 n/a17.33
oct 85-mar 86Bob Violett10 48118.50
oct 86-mar 87DIan Gucklhorn1646618.56
oct 87-mar 88Harvey Freeman1051518.05
oct 88-mar 89Allan Simmons1449818.18
oct 89-mar 90Darryl Francis2247318.36
oct 90-mar 91Allan Simmons1147418.27
oct 91-mar 92Ian Gucklhorn1144918.18
oct 92-mar 93Philip Nelkonn/an/an/a
oct 93-mar 94Allan Saldanha1247817.92
oct 94-mar 95Allan Saldanha1044218.20
oct 95-mar 96Philip Nelkon1243517.50
oct 96-mar 97Jackie McLeod *1944417.89
oct 97-mar 98Di Dennis1944718.16
oct 98-mar 99Tony Killilea1143817.64
oct 99-mar 00Martin Thomas*2342617.43
oct 00-mar 01George Gruner2843217.46
oct 01-mar 02Sandie Simonis2343818.02
oct 02-mar 03George Gruner2543517.52
oct 03-mar 04Keith King1345817.85
oct 04-mar 05Keith King1043217.60
oct 05-mar 06Omar Malleh Jah1446117.86
oct 06-mar 07Di Dennis*1345917.69
oct 07-mar 08Sandie Simonis2244917.77
oct 08-mar 09Sandie Simonis2044918.28
oct 09-mar 10Sandie Simonis1643917.53
oct 10-mar 11Vincent Boyle2245317.45
oct 11-mar 12Elie Dangoor1847118.39
oct 12-mar 13Sandie Simonis*1843618.17
oct 13-mar 14Elie Dangoor1047218.60
oct 14-mar 15Elie Dangoor1046418.20
oct 15-mar 16Addam Meralii-Hosiene1143017.27
oct 16-mar 17Sandie Simonis2243417.50
oct 17-mar 18Sandie Simonis1844518.05
oct 18-mar 19Lynne Kay1944417.21
oct 19-mar 20Lynne Kay1843417.72
oct 20-mar 21suspended...
oct 21-mar 22Vince Boyle 20 455 17.45
oct 22-mar 23Colin Parker 10 450 16.90
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The Summer Trophy

Formerly The John Meikle Cup
summer seasons
apr-sep 78Allan Simmons1656816.40
apr-sep 79Philip Nelkon1967916.10
apr-sep 80Allan Simmons22 62116.70
apr-sep 81Philip Nelkon2671115.77
apr-sep 82Philip Nelkon1260314.46
apr-sep 83not availablen/an/an/a
apr-sep 84Brian Sugar30n/a17.9
apr-sep 85Allan Simmons19n/a 18.37
apr-sep 86 DDarryl Francis2447117.23
apr-sep 87 DAllan Simmons2348817.39
apr-sep 88Bob Violett1050218.60
apr-sep 89Darryl Francis1847618.50
apr-sep 90Philip Nelkon1749218.71
apr-sep 91ÃHarvey Freeman11140.718.82
apr-sep 92Paul Golder1743817.68
apr-sep 93Philip Nelkon *1844217.06
apr-sep 94 Hartley Moorhouse *19 43216.63
apr-sep 95Karl Khoshnaw1044118.20
apr-sep 96Jonathan Anstey1843717.33
apr-sep 97Terry Kirk *15 44817.67
apr-sep 98Terry Kirk1344417.54
apr-sep 99Martin Thomas2042717.95
apr-sep 00Sandie Simonis *2143918.14
apr-sep 01Brian Silverstone1041818.60
apr-sep 02George Gruner *2943418.12
apr-sep 03Darryl Francis *1544817.87
apr-sep 04Bob Berry1144518.05
apr-sep 05Sandie Simonis *2842417.21
apr-sep 06Theo Kumi *2344817.70
apr-sep 07Theo Kumi2244317.45
apr-sep 08Sandie Simonis2142917.43
apr-sep 09Sandie Simonis2143617.67
apr-sep 10Vince Boyle2244718.07
apr-sep 11Vince Boyle2344517.67
apr-sep 12Elie Dangoor1646417.88
apr-sep 13Elie Dangoor1747617.88
apr-sep 14Elie Dangoor1047118.70
apr-sep 15Sandie Simonis2244617.84
apr-sep 16Rick Joseph1142017.63
apr-sep 17Elie Dangoor1348018.30
apr-sep 18Sandie Simonis2044617.90
apr-sep 19Elie Dangoor1746217.29
apr-sep 20suspended...
apr-sep 21Pam Vahed part season1841415.78
apr-sep 22Philip Nelkon 1244816.16
apr-sep 23Paul Coyle* 2244716.95
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Highest Word Scores

Scrolls for gold, silver and red seals are awarded to the top three highest word scores of the season.

winter seasongold scroll winnerswordscore
oct 84-mar 85Mike GoldmanBRIQUETS284
oct 85-mar 86Greg NealANTIQUES284
:Robert RichlandMONOXIDE 284
:Mike WillisSQUEEZER284
oct 86-mar 87DAsh HajiOBLIQUED239
oct 87-mar 88Mike WillisTACKLING221
oct 88-mar 89Bob ViolettQUETZALS374
oct 89-mar 90John MorrisseyCAZIQUES302
oct 90-mar 91Ruth Morgan-ThomasPROFANER203
oct 91-mar 92Terry KirkMAZINESS212
oct 92-mar 93Allan SaldanhaZAPPIEST257
oct 93-mar 94Sandie SimonisQUAGMIRE257
oct 94-mar 95Malcolm Shaw ZINCIEST 212
oct 95-mar 96Alison Stilwell ADJOINED197
oct 96-mar 97Pat MacBeanQUAINTER203
oct 97-mar 98Elie DangoorPERIGONS158
:Barry GrossmanTHORNSET158
:Maureen ReynoldsWEARIEST158
:Graeme ThomasAGRESTIC158
oct 98-mar 99Helen BlythFEVERING176
oct 99-mar 00Phyllis FernandezBASTARDY198
oct 00-mar 01Vipul MaldeMATCHERS221
oct 01-mar 02Paul HowardQWERTIES239
oct 02-mar 03Ruth MacInerneyQUINIELA203
oct 03-mar 04Jackie McLeodSHOWIEST212
oct 04-mar 05Paloma RaychbartGLOWERED176
:David AdkinsTWEEDIER176
oct 05-mar 06Brenda LengwenatREJOINED194
:Kalpana ThakkerSNOBBISH194
oct 06-mar 07John SimonFREEZING230
oct 07-mar 08Barbara MorrisJOINDERS194
oct 08-mar 09Tim KnightHANDOVER185
oct 09-mar 10Joy HewgillSHARPEST194
oct 10-mar 11Karen GameUNGRAZED212
oct 11-mar 12Vince BoyleENTOZOIC194
oct 12-mar 13Renée GilbertCROPPERS185
oct 13-mar 14Marian HamerIMPINGED167
:Alastair Keens-DouglasLEAVINGS167
:Moira MetcalfAVENGERS167
oct 14-mar 15Colin St HillUNPRETTY176
:George GrunerSCABBILY176
oct 15-mar 16Jules O'MahoneyRAMBLING176
oct 16-mar 17Quentin BakerSOREHEAD158
oct 17-mar 18Philip CohenSCOTCHED221
oct 18-mar 19Jonny MaitlandEXERTION194
oct 19-mar 20Vince BoyleCONQUERS221
oct 20-mar 21suspended..
oct 21-mar 22Elie Dangoor BEVELERS167
oct 22-mar 23James Wagland MUSCLING176

summer seasongold scroll winners wordscore
apr-sep 85Eileen Anderson n/a 212
apr-sep 86 DEileen AndersonQUARRIES221
:Darryl FrancisBRISKEST221
:Ivy EdmundsQUENCHED221
:Mauro PratesiCHAFFERS221
apr-sep 87 DMike Willis n/a 221
:Bob Violett n/a :
apr-sep 88Mike GoldmanACQUESTS212
apr-sep 89Eileen AndersonPRETZELS317
apr-sep 90Harvey FreemanCONQUEST302
apr-sep 91ÃRosanna MallozziWRETCHED203
apr-sep 92Mark HandysideGLAZINGS293
apr-sep 93Pat MacBeanSNECKING230
apr-sep 94Judy MossUNEQUALS212
apr-sep 95Maureen DobrinOBLIQUER230
apr-sep 96Nick ButlerSQUATTER203
apr-sep 97Tilly MossDROWSIER185
apr-sep 98Helen BlythREDIVIDE203
apr-sep 99Richard EvansBLOWPIPE221
apr-sep 00Gertie RobertsWARSHIPS221
apr-sep 01Chris KeeleySTOMPERS176
apr-sep 02Julie WatsonSTICKIER221
:Richard WoodwardJASMINES221
apr-sep 03George GrunerSCREWIER203
apr-sep 04Sanmi OdelanaFATHERED176
apr-sep 05Theo KumiUNQUOTES203
:Neil SteinPRATIQUE203
apr-sep 06Jenni ChanREPRIZED221
apr-sep 07Priscilla EncarnacionMANDATED167
apr-sep 08Alan FreemanSEQUINED203
apr-sep 09Colin St HillHACKINGS248
apr-sep 10Karen GameQUAINTER194
apr-sep 11Pam VahedSQUANDERED194
:Malcolm ShawTOUCHIER194
apr-sep 12Ted LewisREQUITES203
:Pam VahedVIEWINGS203
apr-sep 13Rachel BinghamGLOVINGS176
apr-sep 14John FrancisTWEAKING194
apr-sep 15Barbara MorrisINTHRONE176
apr-sep 16Tom SilverlockMOTHBALL194
apr-sep 17Irene KahanCHOPPERS230
apr-sep 18Paul CoyleBRANCHES185
apr-sep 19Priscilla EncarnacionANKYLOSE176
:Quentin BakerSONGBIRD176
apr-sep 20suspended..
apr-sep 21Vince Boylepart seasonAVOUCHES167
apr-sep 22Quentin BakerUNHINGES158
apr-sep 23Quentin BakerTREVALLY176

The Most Improved Player Trophy

Formerly The Billie Gray Trophy.
Six players are awarded vouchers for bettering their performance of last season.
The best of them being awarded The Most Improved Player Trophy with the proviso being
having played ten fixtures in both previous AND current season, AND never won it before.

Billie Gray was in her 80s and one of our beloved and supportive members who passed away
suddenly on Saturday 25th March 1986. A Billie Gray Memorial Trophy was awarded
at the end of that season, but has since not been recovered.
A new trophy in her memory will be awarded each time.

winter seasonImproved player+score summer seasonImproved player+score 
oct 83-mar 84Alan Freeman7.58apr-sep 84Dennis Jones3.86
oct 84-mar 85Ashley de Safrin3.20apr-sep 85Greg Neal3.06
oct 85-mar 86Victoria Lear5.39apr-sep 86 DMike Lott 3.88
oct 86-mar 87DDi Dennis4.01apr-sep 87David Keeble8.86
oct 87-mar 88Graeme Thomas3.52apr-sep 88Darryl Francis3.49
oct 88-mar 89Richard Rutkowski3.59apr-sep 89Jenny Albon2.79
oct 89-mar 90Mina Haria4.81apr-sep 90Greg Neal7.21
oct 90-mar 91Barrie Knox 5.85apr-sep 91Marian Shepherd4.42
oct 91-mar 92Alan Freeman4.22apr-sep 92Mark Handyside3.78
oct 92-mar 93Kim Phipps4.42apr-sep 93ÂDaphne Lampard3.47
oct 93-mar 94Stella Magnus3.95apr-sep 94Joy Hewgill2.91
oct 94-mar 95Pauline Hewett3.49apr-sep 95Brian Silverstone4.40
oct 95-mar 96Mei Ling Simons3.93apr-sep 96David Shenkin2.86
oct 96-mar 97ÂBarbara Allen3.22apr-sep 97Julie Higgins3.63
oct 97-mar 98Tony Hutchinson 3.93apr-sep 98Liz Wilmott3.33
oct 98-mar 99Helen Blyth3.67apr-sep 99Gloria Stein3.46
oct 99-mar 00Marion Honig 3.01apr-sep 00Vipul Malde5.42
oct 00-mar 01Paul Howard5.22apr-sep 01Brenda Lengwenat3.52
oct 01-mar 02Chrystal Rose4.12apr-sep 02Joe Bridal4.06
oct 02-mar 03Sandy Amber3.76apr-sep 03Darryl Francis3.30
oct 03-mar 04Rick Joseph3.94apr-sep 04Stella Magnus4.76
oct 04-mar 05Margaret Greenyer5.72apr-sep 05Gertie Roberts2.77
oct 05-mar 06Alison Stilwell5.69apr-sep 06Judith Abraham4.26
oct 06-mar 07Eileen Anderson3.48apr-sep 07Gloria Stein3.73
oct 07-mar 08Sammy Idowu-Johnson4.60apr-sep 08Eileen Harihara5.00
oct 08-mar 09Charles Gale4.86apr-sep 09Clive Whichelow3.37
oct 09-mar 10Mike Elman5.03apr-sep 10Ralph Obemeasor4.45
oct 10-mar 11Marian Hamer4.09apr-sep 11Moira Metcalf3.89
oct 11-mar 12Sue Scott4.11apr-sep 12Karen Roston5.00
oct 12-mar 13Sharon Landau3.35apr-sep 13Linda Bird3.75
oct 13-mar 14Christine Rumball6.22apr-sep 14Cody McCormick3.81
oct 14-mar 15John Francis3.58apr-sep 15Elayne Kingaby3.33
oct 15-mar 16Phyllis Fernandez3.02apr-sep 16Tom Silverlock3.85
oct 16-mar 17Janet Bonham3.55apr-sep 17Lynda Salter4.20
oct 17-mar 18Maureen Dobrin4.68apr-sep 18Pamela Kikumu3.77
oct 18-mar 19Sue Joseph3.99apr-sep 19Jonny Maitland3.88
oct 19-mar 20Duncan Cook3.65apr-sep 20suspended.
oct 20-mar 21suspended.apr-sep 21suspended.
oct 21-mar 22suspended.apr-sep 22Stuart May3.88
oct 22-mar 23Lee Graham2.70apr-sep 23Ruth Cawsey3.67
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The Ivy Edmunds Memorial Trophy


A perpetual trophy awarded to winner of Division B at the British Matchplay Scrabble Championship
Ivy Edmunds died on 9th March 1992 after an operation, but from undetected appendicitis.
Ivy was always kind and considerate and was an early member of The Postal Scrabble Club.
Although almost 81, she hosted two-three League matches per week and played "left hand against
right" to keep her brain active! She made copious lists of words to be learnt and thought nothing of
travelling 200 miles to tournaments where she made friends. Ivy was a worthy opponent with a vast
repertoire of obscure words. The funeral was in St Albans attended by nine members of the London
Scrabble League. She was first featured in the final League Table of the London Scrabble League
as early as 1978/79 where she finished 18th out of 42.

Peter Dean/Eileen Anderson/Jackie McLeod edit from Newsletter March/April 1992, Issue 85

Division B winner
1989 Ancaster Hall, Nottingham University 17 Maureen Rayson 12 n/a
1990 Ancaster Hall, Nottingham University 17 Moira Conway 13 1412
1991 Lincoln Hall, Nottingham University 17 Hartley Moorhouse 12 713
1992 Lincoln Hall, Nottingham University 17 Diane Beasley 12 683
1993 Nottingham University 17 Jean Abbott 14 1185
1994 Nottingham University 17 Roger Allen 14 876
1995 Nottingham University 17 Ray Tate 13 854
1996 Nottingham University 17 Paul Nind 12 456
1997 Nottingham University 17 Steve Perry 12 545
1998 Rutland Hall, Nottingham University 17 Adrienne Berger 11 578
1999 Nottingham University 17 David Ellis 13 482
2000 Nottingham University 17 Alison Sadler 12 621
2001 Lenton Hall, Nottingham University 17 Helen Greenaway 12 1085
2002 Moat House Hotel, West Bromwich 17 Ruth MacInerney 13 784
2003 Moat House Hotel, West Bromwich 17 Margaret Chamberlain 12 1176
2004 Moat House Hotel, West Bromwich 17 Kate Surtees 13 448
2005 Yarnfield Conference Centre, nr Stone, Staffs . Norman Smith 11 475
2006 Yarnfield Conference Centre, nr Stone, Staffs 18 Mark Lane 14 1292
2007 Yarnfield Conference Centre, nr Stone, Staffs 18 Graham Bonham 13 725
2008 Yarnfield Conference Centre, nr Stone, Staffs 18 Anand Buddhdev 15 1508
2009 Yarnfield Conference Centre, nr Stone, Staffs 20 Carolyn Emery 16 988
2010 Yarnfield Conference Centre, nr Stone, Staffs 21 Jessica Pratesi 15 804
2011 Yarnfield Conference Centre, nr Stone, Staffs 21 Moira Conway 15 630
2012 Yarnfield Conference Centre, nr Stone, Staffs 21 Moira Conway 14 999
2013 Yarnfield Conference Centre, nr Stone, Staffs 21 Andy Becher 15 1057
2014 Yarnfield Conference Centre, nr Stone, Staffs 23 Jack Anscomb 17½ 1155
2015 Sutton Bonington Campus, Notts. University 23 Adrienne Berger 17 616
2016 Sutton Bonington Campus, Notts. University 25 James Burley 19 1559
2017 Sutton Bonington Campus, Notts. University 25 Andy Becher 17½ 1242
2018 Kent Hills Park, Swallow House, Milton Keynes 25 Gerard Fox 20 881
2019 Kent Hills Park, Swallow House, Milton Keynes 25 Caroline McLaughlin 19 1323
2020 suspended ....
2021 suspended ....
2022 Kent Hills Park, Swallow House, Milton Keynes 25 Adrienne Berger 19 1553
2023 Kent Hills Park, Swallow House, Milton Keynes 24 Jared Robinson 18½ 1452
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The Ivor Freedman Memorial Trophy

Awarded to the winner of Division A - The London Matchplay Tournament
(Not to be confused with the London Open Matchplay also held during the same year/venue)
From 2013 the Cup was awarded to the winner of Division A at the Chigwell November Event.
Ivor was an enthusiastic Scrabble player with a great sense of humour, this combined with a shrewd business brain makes his loss to
the League so hard to bear. He worked as a manager in a large printing firm and each month attended to all our photocopying.
As a Committee member he had absolute commitment to the future of the League and we paid great heed to his sometimes forthright but
always compassionate advice. He died in October 1989 aged 49. Our sympathies go out to his wife, Marian, and his children whom members will have met at matches there, also to the many friends Ivor had made over his years in the League.

Mike Willis edit from Newsletter October/November 1989, Issue 56

Division A winner
Division B winner
Division C winner
1990 Pinner Village Hall 5 Peter Finley 5 253 Harvey Freeman 5 818 Margaret Heffernan 5 505
1991 Pinner Village Hall 5 Philip Nelkon 5 317 Barry Grossman 5 226 Ed Martin 5 368
1992 Pinner 5 Richard Evans 5 297 Ian Burn 5 653 . . .
1993 Tufnell Park 5 Allan Simmons 5 287 Margaret Browne 5 353 Marjorie Harrison 5 462
1994 Tufnell Park 5 Gareth Williams 5 636 Priscilla Encarnacion 5 637 Daphne Silverton 5 397
1995 Pinner 6 Cecil Muscat 5 558 Doreen Marsh 5 505 David Shenkin 4 383
1996 Pinner 6 Brian Sugar 5 360 Elizabeth Jardine 5 481 Linda Bird 5 437
1997 Pinner 6 Evan Simpson 6 551 Doreen Marsh 6 540 June Clark 5 436
1998 Pinner 6 Evan Simpson 6 497 David Ellis 6 742 Austin Shin 6 159
1999 Harrow Civic Centre 6 Jackie McLeod 6 817 Margaret Bright 6 250 Mandy Weatherill 6 668
. 2000-2006 not held . . . . . . . . . .
2007 Harrow 6 Dennis Ikegregor 5 466 Maurice McParland 5 528 Ralph Obemeasor 5 90
2008 Northwood 6 Ed Martin 6 671 Ted Lewis 6 568 . . .
2009 Northwood 7 Elie Dangoor 6 491 Evelyn Wallace 6 597 Charles Tollit 491
. 2010 not held . . . . . . . . . .
2011 Kensington 7 Austin Shin 7 784 Joe Bridal 6 523 Jack Durand 6 675
. 2012 not held . . . . . . . . . .
2013 Chigwell 8 Mohamed Kamara 6 282 Femi Simpson 7 785 Sumbul Siddiqui 6 367
2014 Chigwell 8 Craig Solomons 7 452 Stephen Wintle 7 543 Ron Bucknell 8 517
2015 Chigwell 7 Vince Boyle 6 669 Stephen Wintle 6 19 Ron Bucknell 5 430
2016 Wesminster (2 day) 14 David Eldar 12 1199 Peter Dolgenos 10 989 Rosemary Wood 10 619

Evan Simpson and
Sandie Simonis
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Graeme Thomas Memorial Trophy

In 2007 a trophy was comissisoned in memory of Graeme Thomas who tragically died in an accident on 4th November 2006. The first three years it was given to the player who played best word that best described Graeme, this was at the Harrow 07, Northwood 08 and Northwood 09 tournaments. At the same time the ABSP started a Graeme Thomas Fund to help fund young players that qualified for the World Youth Scrabble Championship played in Asia and Australia. When those tournaments stopped the trophy was awarded to the winner of the Project Manilla and Project WYSC tournaments held at Chigwell in 2010, 2011 and 2012 with part of the entry fee being donated to the Fund each year. In 2013 and 2014 there was no Project WYSC tournament so it was awarded to the singles winner at the London Scrabble League's Pairs and Singles event also held at Chigwell.
Click on picture for a bigger image.

Peter Thomas
Karen Game
Kim Phipps
Calum Edwards
Vince Boyle
Vince Boyle
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Ron Hendra Memorial Trophy

In 2011 a trophy was donated by John Hendra in memory of his father, Ron Hendra, who died in February 2010. Ron had been a League member for many years. It is to be awarded to the best performance by a London League member who outperformed his/her rating on the day at the New Malden Tournament. In March 2011 it was won by Jake Berliner. In March 2012 it was won by David Shenkin. David was meant to hold the trophy for a year but brought the trophy back in June 2012 and Karen Game was awarded the trophy. When Angele Andrews became the tournament organiser of the 2013 New Malden tournament the trophy was overlooked so it wasn't awarded.
Click on picture for a bigger image.

20112012 March2012 June2014 March2015 June
Jake BerlinerDavid ShenkinKaren GameStanley NgundiColin St Hill
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Noteworthy achievements:

Phil Appleby compiled the first Newsletter dated February 1985.
Although Sheila Hockey distributed the fixture lists to members from November 1971, she was part of a four person committee, newsy bits of information/committee decisions/rules/births and deaths were included on the same page as the fixture list/address list where spaced allowed to keep costs to a minimum. Phil Appleby produced it's first showing as a double-sided single page sheet in February 1985. He held the post for 12 issues before Brian Sugar (1986 - 10 issues) took over. Mike Willis followed later in the same year (27 issues) before Judy Moss took over from 1989 (13 issues). During this period Sheila Hockey (1), Mark Nyman (1) and Peter Dean (4) filled in when the regular editor was unavailable. Judy shared the editorship with Terry Kirk from 1990 (33 issues). When Judy stepped down in 1992 Terry shared editorship with Jackie McLeod (14 issues). Adopting a rota system, Terry then was editor with Graeme Thomas (1993 - 16 issues), Brenda Marsden (1994 - 16 issues) and Chris Keeley (1996 - 8 issues) - Harold Robinson breifly put together two issues during this period. From January 1999 Mauro Pratesi used his typographic skills and redesigned the presentation of the Newsletter and produced 60 issues consecutively until December 2003. He stepped down to concentrate on the London League website. Pamela Kikumu took over in January 2004 and produced 23 issues. Pamela gave up the job in November 2005. Richard Sheridan took over from December 2005 and produced the first emailable Newsletter, as well as the regular Newsletter. The Committee is always working on a suitable format in which to send the Newsletter and Fixtures which will agree to everyone with Internet access. The March 2008 issue saw Richard formally step down from his rôles as Editor and Vice Chairman of the Committee and from Arpil 2008 another Richard, Richard Woodward held the reigns. This lasted only 11 months as Richard Woodward had to move to Stafford to temporarily look after his ill father. From April 2009 Mauro Pratesi stood in as a temporary editor for four issues before a regular editor was recruited. David Holmes stepped into the rôle with his first issue in August 2009 maintaining the quality of the Newsletter. David got married and moved house in 2010, then got promoted in his work career. In August 2011, after two years in the role, he stepped down. Victoria Kingham quickly stepped into the breach and has provided a different perspective to Newsletter technology with the introduction of an "in-house", black and white printer! Victoria stepped down from being the editor early in 2013 and just concentrated on printing the monthly mailing. She has since stepped down and the monthly printing is done by Viv Bishop, while the distribution of 'paper' issues being organised by Jake Berliner. Barbara Morris deals with the distribution of electronic mailings. Mauro Pratesi again became temporary editor and is still doing it on a temporary basis until someone is kind nough to take over. Any interested party in editing the newsletter should contact Mauro/or submit any newsworthy items to email. Alternatively any Committee member will be able to assist.

Highest Single Game Score

seasonPlayerscoredate played
High score format...
apr-sep 85Viraf Metha813September 1985
oct 87-apr 88Di Dennis796oct-nov 87
oct 89-mar 90Janet Palmer845December 1989
apr-sep 91Graeme Thomas789?
Play to win format...
oct 97-mar 98Elie Dangoor72627-Nov-97
apr-sep 10Phil Cohen75009-Jun-10
oct 11-mar 12Vince Boyle71503-Nov-11

Most successive League wins: 42 by Darryl Francis 1989

Highest evening total: 2030 by Viraf Metha September 1985

Highest word score: 374 for QUETZALS by Bob Violett (1988-89)

Highest scoring draw: 501 between Frank Moss and Tilly Moss (January 1995)

Highest winning margin over three games: +1087 by Darryl Francis (February 2002)

Largest winning margins in one game:
+578 by Elie Dangoor (Tuesday 14th November, 2023)
Elie beat his opponent 682-104
+545 by Graeme Thomas (April-September 1991)
Graeme beat his opponent 789-244

Longest word: 15 letters for DISENFRANCHISES by Bob Violett (1985?)
(It was a London League match somewhere in the depths of Buckinghamshire. Bob's opponent started with FRA, which Bob challenged, Bob added NCHISES [H was a blank] after his initial move of LACINESS [L was a blank] was challenged off, then spent 5 or 6 goes trying to collect DISEN on his rack to score 40 points and a claim to fame)

Most bonuses in one game: 7 by Mike Willis against Amber Sturdy (1983)

Most changes in one game: 10 by Gordon Payne (1990)

High-scoring moves not using all 7 letters - from Newsletter 19 dated August 1986:
  • 6: Allan Simmons had RENAMING around the EN for 134
    ... Diane Pratesi had LIGHTING around the TI for 153
  • 5: Mike Willis, EPIZOONS around the word ZOO for 144
  • 4: Ron Hendra, VIZY above EARNINGS
    ... making YEARNINGS with the Y on the triple word score, for 108
Left on my rack 1: Hendon Drive on 17th September 2001.
Peter Thomas went out with SCREWED (S and D were blanks) and left Irene Woolley with a rack of ZQJKRU = 35!!

Left on my rack 2: League evening at Nellie Cox's on 18th March 2002.
Pat MacBean went out with SOARING for 68 leaving Mauro Pratesi with a final rack of DCCLVI (plus the blank).
Mauro's rack leave was 756 !?

Furthest League Match
In July of 1998 Phyllis Fernandez, Karen Game, Alison Stilwell and Richard Woodward defied temperatures of over 100 degrees to play two official League matches in a rented cottage in Sinalunga in Italy during a week long Scrabble holiday. Sinalunga is 50 miles south of Florence and about 1,000 miles from London and unless anyone knows different this is the furthest a London League match has been played.

Highest scoring League members:
Phyllis Fernandez scores 37 using ordinary English Scrabble tiles while Jennifer Turovski and Erica Cruickshank both score 33.

Shortest reported game by a League member:
It was between Graeme Thomas and his brother Steve. Graeme asked Steve "Do you want a game of Scrabble?".
Steve replied "No!".

Most blanks: Newsletter 201 - November/December 2001
Barry Grossman picked SEVEN blanks in an ordinary London League fixture.
One at the start when they picked to decide who plays who.
One at start of first game to decide who goes first (after Barry's opponent picked an A).
And 5 during normal play.

High losing score: League evening December 2003
Rachelle Winer lost to David Shenkin 506-525.

Oldest playing League member:
Nellie Cox who last played a League match aged 93 years.
Currently: Betty Balding is still playing at 90 years.

Youngest playing League member:
Allan Saldanha made his League debut in the winter season 1986-87 aged 9 and a bit
Andrew Perry made his League debut in the winter season 1991-92 also aged 9 and a bit.
Further information regarding youngest League members can be found here

600,000 to 1 chance of it happening:
At a fixture on 12th December 2005 between George Gruner, Les Nyman, Rob Kaczmarek and David Holmes. The first game started with George playing Rob on one board and Les playing David on the other board. About 20 minutes into each game, a move was made by George and by Les. No collusion took place in these moves. The two opponents simultaneously challenged the moves which Les and George had made. This does happen from time to time, but what was really spooky was that the word played by Les and George was the same word, namely YEAN.

10 move game with 6 bonuses:
In a game between Philip Cohen and Jackie McLeod on January 2008. Philip played four consecutive bonuses on his first 4 moves: RANCOURS, LOADING, (D)EFECATE, and HEADILY for 111. Two little rack-balancing moves followed, then a 5th bonus, with a blank and two esses, INKINESS. Again two little-uns, finally playing out with STRIATE, catching Jackie with 19 points! A 10-move game, 6 of which were bonuses. Final score 572-329. Jackie was scoring respectably with 20s and 30s, going flat out for turnover and score. Jackie's lowest score was 21 and highest 48 for BOXEN and 53 for QAT.

At a League evening on 25th March 2008, Philip Cohen played 6 bonuses in a game soon after performing the same feat in January 2008, but not in ten moves! Philip, after starting out tamely, scored 5 bonuses in a row from move four. TASTIER 86 (double-double), OVERDONE 78 (around a floating R), FIXINGS 83, fISHCAKE 72 (onto the E of OVERDONE, f was a blank), AREOLAE making OF,LI,AS and EH for 80 (running down side of FISHCAKE). Two moves later TEMPTINg for 74 was his sixth bonus (g was a blank, from a generous floating "e" supplied by opponent). Opponent tried hard to balance their rack with moves such as WUDU (UDU onto W) but could not find the right letters. Final score 608 to Philip - 290 to the opponent.

Most consecutive bonuses, 6:
At a League evening on 13th April 2010 Moira Conway increased her score from 36 to 481 having played six consecutive bonuses: JENNETS, ACTUATED, FLOATIER, REGRAFT, WONTONS and HAIRLINE. She had PENCILS on her last rack but had nowhere to play it. Final score was 594-342 to Moira. For picture of the board click here.

Most consecutive bonuses, 5:
At a League evening on 21st March 2006 Sandie Simonis opened the game with VITALLY then FOLIATED (around the T of vitally) then TROUNCED (around the O of foliated) then RETRIALS (off a generously given R) then CRUIsED. One letter different on her sixth rack and it would have been 6 in a row (She had SEWAGE + A). Sandie's final score was 571 (disappointing after that start) to opponent's 368 (opponent had the J, K, Q, X and Z).

Consistent evening performance:
At a League evening on 21st April 2009 Charles Gale scored 20 points at Freda Marcus'. Charles won each of his three games by the same game score: 484.

Highest score for one single play ABSP tournament record broken by a League member:
At the Swindon tournament on 14th March 2010 Ruth MacInerney scored 311 in one move! It was the last round in Division B and Ruth played fellow member Andy Gray. The game started quietly with Andy opened with AROUND, Ruth replied LAH, Andy added DEY, Ruth found an OX and Andy 'subbed' LIME to lead 78-45 leaving the E between two triples. Ruth, holding EESRWZ?, slotted tWEEZERS around the E of LIME for 311 points. This beat the existing ABSP record held by Adrian Tamas when he scored 257 for PECTIZED achieved at the UK Open in 2009! Ruth went further ahead with PASTIES for 73. Andy hit back with WAKE for 37, BRAVE for 38 and QI for 46. but Ruth got a third bonus: DARTING for 68. At the end Andy played STARVE for 40 and Ruth went out with REACTION for 78 leaving Andy with CON! Final score Andy 348 Ruth 696.
For a picture of the board click here.
This record has since been broken by Piotr Andronowski playing in the BEST 2017 Tournament having scored 347 for the word ADEQUACY.

Most bonuses in an evening:
Rick Joseph had a bonus-heavy evening on 30th January 2014. He played a total of TWELVE. Five were in game one, REQUOTE, PANTILE, WINDIER, ELUANTS, DRAGOON. Three in the next: GODETIA, QUANTISE 102, DONSIER and finished with 4 in the last; FLUORIDE, COUNTING, PERTAINS and SQUEALS.

Twelve was also the total achieved by Jared Robinson on the evening of 10th October 2017 at host Baldip Kaur. Six were in game one; FROMAGE, REPOINTS, RETREAD, CLEARING, FALSING and AIRTHED. Five in the next: OUTGAVE, AEGRINE, SOILAGE, STEALED and ALIMENT then finished with one in the last game MORALISE. His total aggregate score for the evening was 1668.

Scrabble magazines:
Can be found by clicking here

Highest score by a 4th Required:
Although Bob Berry is no longer a League member he kindly steps in occasionally to make up a four. On one such evening played on 9th July 2019 Janet Bonham opened the game with EGO for 8. Janet takes up the story from here: “Bob's first play in reply was OXYMORON for 113. My 3rd move was MALTIEST for 70 points opening up the triple triple at O11. Bob’s 3rd play was a 9-timer: LEATHERY for 212 around the T, his 4th was FENNIER for 66, his 5th DOMAINES for 62 and, as his 12th play, he played out with TOPSIde FOR 68. The game score was 692 to 283. Needless to say he had both of the high score points. He won the evening with an aggregate score of 1625 which would have got him 20 points had he been a member. As you will see, I was slaughtered. It was bad enough having 113 scored against me in Bob's first play but the 212 two plays later really hurt. He had five bonuses to my one ”.
You can see the board here

It's not often that high game points are split three ways:
In the match at Lee Graham’s on 11th October 2021, Stuart May (twice) and Jake Berliner tied for the second highest score point with 399. You can see the final scoresheet and how the final result turned out here

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Sunday Drives:

Drives played to High score rules
  • Highest total score after three games: 1987 by Les Nyman (Hospitality Inn, Bayswater, 7/2/1988).
    (Game scores were 662, 725 and 600)
  • Highest score for one game: 800 by Philip Nelkon (Hospitality Inn, Bayswater, 9/2/1985).
  • Highest word score for one move: 239 for BRACKETS by Jackie McLeod (Hospitality Inn, Bayswater, 9/10/1988).
Drives played to Matchplay rules (Playing to win)
  • Sunday Drives were changed from three games to four on 12th October 2008:
    The first winner was Ruth MacInerney with 4 wins and 352 overall spread at "Victory Hall", Chigwell, IG7.
  • Highest winning spread with four wins (four game format):
    766 by Diane Pratesi ("Marion Hill House", New Malden, KT3, 12/05/2013).
  • Highest winning spread with three wins (four game format):
    835 by Jessica Pratesi ("Swiss Cottage Community Centre", NW3, 1/5/2011).
  • Highest winning spread with three wins (three game format):
    776 by Graeme Thomas ("77 Bridge Club", Hendon, 26/5/1996).
    (Included spreads of 332, 369 and 75).

  • Highest winning spread with two and a half wins (three game format):
    638 by Les Nyman ("77 Bridge Club", Hendon, 11/4/1999).
    (Game scores; 388-388, 533-236 and 541-199).

  • Highest winning spread with two wins (three game format):
    606 by Ruth Erskine [Morgan-Thomas] (Hospitality Inn, Bayswater, 22/10/1989).
    (Game scores; 649-234, 512-310 and 332-343).

  • Highest winning spread with two wins (four game format):
    547 by Calum Edwards ("Victory Hall", Chigwell, IG7, 9/2/2014).
    (Game scores; 359-436, 661-301, 356-393 and 641-340).
    (This beat the 451 scored by Jessica Pratesi on 16 December 2012 (!) also at "Victory Hall", Chigwell, IG7).

  • Highest winning spread with one win (three game format):
    358 by Ruth MacInerney ("77 Bridge Club", Hendon, 2/3/1998).
    (Ruth won by 582-129 in round one but lost her two other games!)

  • Highest single game score for one game (3 and 4 game formats):
    693 by Calum Edwards ("Marion Hill House", New Malden, KT3, 19/1/2014).
    Picture of board click here.

  • Highest four game total after four games:
    2206 by Philip Nelkon ("Swiss Cottage Community Centre", NW3, 6/3/2011).
    (Game scores, Philip's first; 639-341, 574-418, 500-398 and 493-312).

  • Highest single spread for one game (3 and 4 game formats):
    486 by Danny Bekhor (Victory Hall, Chigwell, IG7, 27/1/2008).
    (Danny won by 639-153 in round one. His other scores: 438-355, 348-323 failing to get to the magic 600 spread by 2 points!)

  • Highest word score for one move:
    203 for EXORCISE by James Burley (Swiss Cottage, 2/10/2016).
    203 for ENDEIXIS by Calum Edwards (Chigwell, 22/10/2017).

note: on 9/2/1985 Philip Nelkon won 800-220 with a spread of 580
(as Philip was playing to High Score rules his winning spread cannot claim the record).

Oldest Sunday Drive player:
Nellie Cox who last attended a Drive aged 92 years.

Youngest Boy/Girl Sunday Drive player:
Ronnie Bennett made his Drive début on the 7th October 2012 aged 6 years, 4 months.
Jessica Pratesi made her Drive début on 16th May 2004 aged 8 years, 5 months.
Further information regarding youngest League members can be found here

Lowest total wins/spread to gain Drive Cup points:
In the Drive of 5th December 2004 at Chigwell, Jessica Pratesi came fourth with 0 (zero) wins and scored two Drive Cup points.
In the Drive of 31st December 2006 at Hendon, Jessica came fifth having won two games by 359-355 and 341-339, drawn the remaining game 337-337 and finishing with a spread of just six, possibly the lowest ever winning plus spread to finish in the top five.
In the Drive of 29th November 2009 at Marion Hill House, New Malden, Malcolm Shaw came fifth with 3 wins, 0 (zero) spread and scored one Drive Cup point.

Games the same:
In the Drive of 25th February 2002 at Chigwell, Rachelle Winer won the drive by winning all three games by the same score: 479.

Same place of birth:
In the Drive of 7th November 1999 at Hendon, it was noted that the top three players, Karl Khoshnaw, Elie Dangoor and Danny Bekhor, had all been born in Baghdad, Iraq.

Triple word squares:
In the Drive of 2nd May 1999 at Hendon, The match between Graeme Thomas and Robert Richland which finished 457-381 to Graeme all the triple words squares were covered. Click here to see the final board.

Most draws by one person at one Drive:
In the Drive of 11th September 2005 at New Malden, Theo Kumi drew two of his 3 games. One with 395 and the other with 449.

Rack you can do nothing about:
In the Drive on 22nd January 2006 at Chigwell, Barbara Morris had on her rack EEEEEII on move 2 of the third round.

Highest scoring move at any Drive? :
In the Drive of 29th January 2006 at Hendon, with a rack of CDEILR plus a blank, Paloma Raychbart slotted CRINKLED around a floating N and announced her score; "70 K" she said pointing to the blank!

Blocked board:
In the Drive of 15th October 2006 at Chigwell, in the game between Danny Bekhor and Evelyn Wallace, the board after four moves was:
      Y A Y    (played by Evelyn)
      O B E    (played by Evelyn after Danny exchanged)
      S O X    (played by Danny)
Longest winning sequence at Drives :
With two games won at the end of 2012 until the Swiss Cottage Drive of 7th April 2013 Calum Edwards went 21 games without defeat before going down 397-481 to Vince Boyle.

Lowest scoring nine-timer :
At the Swiss Cottage Drive of 5th May 2019 Barabara Morris scored 104 for the word LINIMENT. (The first N and the M were blanks)

The Winter TrophyHighest Word ScoresThe Ivy Edmunds Memorial TrophyThe Graeme Thomas Memorial Trophy
The Summer TrophySunday DrivesThe Ivor Freedman Memorial TrophyThe Ron Hendra Memorial Trophy
Noteworthy achievementsHighest Game ScoreThe Most Improved Player Trophy.

If any League member can help fill in the missing details or correct or add to the statistics shown, do get in touch with the webmaster.

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