Events 2018Date..
Aylesbury Saturday 7th Aprilresultspictures
BMSC Annotated games25th-27th Augustgames.
Evergreens Saturday 7th Julyresultspictures
LSL Pairs and Singles Sunday 15th Julyresultspictures
Luton (June) Saturday 3rd Juneresultspictures
Romford Saturday 6th Septemberresultspictures
Wiltshire Rotary Sunday 16th Septemberresultspictures

Events 2017Date..
Aylesbury Saturday 1st April resultspictures
BMSC (main) Sat-Sun 26th-28th August resultspictures
BMSC (warm-up) Fri-Sat 25th-26th August resultspictures
Evergreens Saturday 18th Februaryresultspictures
Leicester Saturday 4th March resultspictures
Lincoln Saturday 1st July resultspictures
Luton (October) Sunday 15th Octoberresultspictures
Romford Saturday 21st Octoberresultspictures
Wiltshire Open Sunday 22th Septemberresultspictures

Events 2016Date..
BMSC Extra 26th - 27th August resultspictures
BMSC Main Event 27th - 29th August resultspictures
Romford Evergreens Saturday 6th February resultspictures
Leicester Saturday 27th Februaryresultspictures
LSL 45th Anniversary Saturday 30th July resultspictures
LSL 45th Anniversary Sunday 31st July resultspictures
Luton (March) Saturday 5th March resultspictures
Luton (October) NEWSaturday 15th October resultspictures
Romford Saturday 3rd September resultspictures
Wiltshire Rotary Sunday 11th Septemberresultspictures
UK Youth Championship Sunday 11th Septemberresultspictures

Events 2015Date..
Aylesbury Saturday 11th Aprilresultspictures
Bishop Stortford Saturday 17th Januaryresultspictures
CSI (Chigwell) Sunday 8th Novemberresultspictures
Evergreens Saturday 7th Marchresultsnone
Leicester Saturday 28th Februaryresultspictures
LSL Pairs and Singles Sunday 12th Julyresultspictures
Luton (May) Saturday 30th Mayresultspictures
Luton (October) Saturday 17th Octoberresultspictures
New Malden Saturday 20th Juneresultspictures
New Malden Saturday 20th June.more pictures
National Scrabble Championships 19th-20th Septemberresultspictures
Romford Saturday 11th Julyresultspictures
Swindon Sunday 8th Marchresultspictures
Swindon RotarySunday 13th Septemberresultspictures
UK Youth ChampionshipSunday 13th Septemberresultspictures

Events 2014Date..
Aylesbury Saturday 12th Aprilresultspictures
BMSC Early Bird 21st-22nd Augustresultspictures
BMSC Men/Ladies 22nd-23rd Augustresultspictures
BMSC Main event 23rd-25th Augustresultspictures
BMSC Annotated games23rd-25th Augustgames.
CSI Sunday Sunday 9th Novemberresultspictures
Commonwealth 7th-10th Augustresults.
Evergreens Saturday 22nd Marchresultspictures
Havering Saturday 6th Septemberresultspictures
Leicester Saturday 1st Marchresultspictures
Lincoln Summer Solstice Saturday 21st Juneresultspictures
LSL Pairs and Singles Sunday 13th Julyresultspictures
Luton (May) Saturday 31st Mayresultspictures
Luton (November) Saturday 8th Novemberresultspictures
MSI Leicester Saturday 5th Julyresults.
MSI Leicester Sunday 6th Julyresults.
MSI Liverpool Saturday 7th Juneresultspictures
MSI Liverpool Sunday 8th Juneresultspictures
MSI Plymouth Saturday 16th Augustresultspictures
MSI Plymouth Sunday 17th Augustresultspictures
Mind Sports Olympiad Sunday 17th Augustresultspictures
Scrabble Champions Tournament 19th-23rd Novemberresultspictures
New Malden Saturday 8th Marchresultspictures
New Malden Saturday 8th March.more pictures
Phoenix Roadshow Saturday 19th JulyresultsFB pics
Pinner Sunday 26th Octoberresultspictures
Romford Saturday 28th Juneresultspictures
Swindon Sunday 9th Marchresultspictures
Swindon Rotary Sunday 21st Septemberresultspictures
Willesden Green Saturday 15th Marchresults.

Events 2013Date..
Aylesbury Saturday 13th Aprilresults.
BMSC (main) Sat-Sun 24th-26th Augustresultspictures
BMSC (warm-up) Fri-Sat 23th-24th Augustresultspictures
Chigwell Tournament Sunday 10th Novemberresultspictures
Evergreens Saturday 20th Aprilresultspictures
Havering Saturday 7th Septemberresultspictures
Leicester Saturday 2nd Marchresultspictures
Leighton Buzzard Saturday 21st Septemberresults.
LSL Pairs and Singles Sunday 14th Julyresultspictures
Luton (June) Saturday 29th Juneresultspictures
Luton (November) Saturday 9th Novemberresultspictures
Mind Sports Olympiad Saturday 17th Augustresultspictures
Mountnessing Sunday 22nd Decemberresultspictures
MSI Cardiff Friday 13th Septemberresultspictures
MSI Cardiff Saturday 14th Septemberresultspictures
MSI Cardiff Sunday 15th Septemberresultspictures
New Malden Saturday 9th Marchresultspictures
NSC Semifinal 14th-15th Septemberresultspictures
Romford Saturday 22nd Juneresultspictures
SE Regional (NSC/T) Saturday 8th Juneresultspictures
Swindon Sunday 17th Marchresultspictures
Swindon 1 Rotary Sunday 22th Septemberresults.
Willesden Green Sunday 1st Septemberresults.

Events 2012Date..
Aylesbury Saturday 31st Marchresultspictures
BMSC (main) Fri-Sat 25th-27th Augustresultspictures
BMSC (warm-up) Fri-Sat 24th-25th Augustresultspictures
Havering Saturday 22nd Septemberresultspictures
Leicester Saturday 25th Februaryresultspictures
LSL Pairs and Singles Sunday 20th Mayresultspictures
Luton Saturday 26th Mayresultspictures
Luton Saturday 3rd Novemberresultspictures
Mountnessing Sunday 23rd Decemberresultspictures
New Malden Saturday 3rd Marchresultspictures
New Malden Saturday 16th Juneresults pictures
NSC Final Sunday 4th
NSC SE Regional Saturday 9th Juneresultspictures
NSC Semifinal 15th-16th Septemberresultspictures
Project WYSC Sunday 24th Juneresultspictures
Project WYSC Sunday 11th Novemberresultspictures
Romford Saturday 11th Augustresultspictures
Southgate Saturday 11th Februaryresults.
Swindon Sunday 11th Marchresultspictures
UK Youth 2012 Thur/Fri 9-10th August resultsFBpics...more
Winter Matchplay Sat/Sun 24-25th Decemberresultsvideo

Events 2011Date..
Aylesbury Saturday 2nd Aprilresultspictures
Evergreens Saturday 16th April resultspictures
Handicap Pairs Sunday 30th Januaryresultspictures
Havering Saturday 3rd September resultspictures
Leicester Saturday 26th Februaryresultspictures
London 40th Sunday 30th October resultspictures
Luton Saturday 21st May resultspictures
Luton Saturday 12th November resultspictures
Mind Sports Olympiad Saturday 21st August resultspictures
Mountnessing Saturday 10th Decemberresultspictures
New Malden Saturday 5th Marchresultspictures
New Malden Saturday 18th June resultspictures
Project Qatar Sunday 26th June resultspictures
Project WYSC Sunday 13th November resultspictures
Romford Saturday 2nd
South East Regional Saturday 25th June resultspictures
Swindon Sunday 13th March resultspictures
UK Youth (all-in)2nd-4th September resultspictures
UK Youth (main event)2nd-4th Septemberresultspictures

Events 2010Date..
Aylesbury Saturday 17th Aprilresultspictures
Evergreens Saturday 24th April resultspictures
Havering Saturday 4th September resultspictures
Leicester Saturday 27th February resultspictures
Luton Saturday 22nd Mayresultspictures
Luton Saturday 13th
Mountnessing Sunday 12th December resultspictures
New Malden Saturday 6th March resultspictures
New Malden Saturday 24th July resultspictures
Norwich 26th September results.
Project Manilla ISunday 27th June resultspictures
Project Manilla IISunday 24th Octoberresultspictures
Peterborough Free ChallengeSaturday 20th
Romford Saturday 3rd July resultspictures
South East Regional .results.
Southgate Saturday 13th Februaryresultspictures
Swindon Sunday 14th March resultspictures
UK Youth Scrabble Fest Saturday 5th June resultspictures

Events 2009Date..
Luton Saturday 9th June .pics/res
Mountnessing Saturday 20th December .pics/res
New Malden Saturday 7th February .pics/res
New Malden Saturday 18th July .pics/res
Northwood Saturday 16th May .pics/res
Romford Saturday 11th July .pics/res
South East Regional NEWSaturday 27th Juneresults.

Events 2008Date..
Hockley Saturday 4th October .pics/res
New Malden Saturday 23rd February .pics/res
Nottingham Nomads 2nd - 3rd August .pics
NSC Midlands regional final31st May .pics
South East Regional Saturday 5th July .pics/res

Events 2007Date..
Hockley Saturday 29th September .pictures
New Malden Saturday 30th June .pics/res

Events 2006Date..
Hendon Sunday 25th June resultspictures
Hockley Saturday 2nd December .pics/res

Events 2005Date..
New Malden Saturday 19th February .pics/res

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