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Scrabble matches:
Once a week/once a month/twice a month - any weekday evening or afternoon by special arrangement.
One match: four players, 3 games, round robin format, 7.30pm to 10.45pm.
Six month seasons: Winners' Cup, Improvers' Cup plus Scrolls for highest word scores/game scores.

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus emergency the potential health risks are real. Some League fixtures and Sunday Drives may have to be postponed or even cancelled - sometimes at very short notice. If the situation worsens, more Sunday Drives will be cancelled and monthly fixtures may be temporarily suspended. If you have any symptoms you should definitely cancel your matches (as a host or visitor).

With League matches that can go ahead please ensure everyone has washed their hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds before starting play. Make sure Scrabble bags, Scrabble tiles and Scrabble boards are clean and disinfected. Donít forget to wash at the end too.

Mauro Pratesi Ė Chair

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Here you can view the latest League table as soon as updated results come in,
create, view, edit and even email League fixture results direct to Moira.
And it is where members can input their availability for next month's fixtures.

Last update: 16th March 2020 | The League and Covid-19 status... | All Chigwell Drives cancelled...

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